How to watch movies with subtitles for free

Load Subtitles using button "Load from pc"

This article shows you how to watch movies with subtitles using button "Load from pc" on the website Opensubtitles.

How to watch movies with subtitles for free

Let us take as an example the movie "Ant Man and the Wasp".

When you choose OpenLoad for watching the movie, the page with the movie will look like the image below:

Ant man and the Wasp 2018

As soon as you click the “Play Button” (or anywhere on the screen), a pop-up ad may appear redirecting you to another website. Sometimes ads appear twice, even three times in a row, before the button actually “clicks”. You just need to close the popping-up unrelated tabs/windows each time they appear.

After you do that, click on the “Play” button. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, wait for 5-30 seconds for the video to preload.

To add subtitles to the movie, click on the "CC" button - this is a button in the bottom right corner of the video player.

Ant man and the wasp with subtitles

There will pop-up two possible selections: "Load srt/vtt from PC" and "Load srt/vtt from URL". In our case, for the subtitles to load fast, you need to click "Load srt/vtt from PC".

To enter the requested File, please utilize the website: find the requested subtitles for the movie "

Ant Man and the Wasp (2018)" on the website and click the button “Download”. As soon as the download is completed, extract the srt file from the ZIP file to any folder".

Download Winrar Here

Go back to movie page and insert the srt file in the bar below the invitation: "Please load file You want to use" and click “OK”.

When you do this, subtitles start showing immediately. Enjoy your favorite movies with Subtitles!